Park Hotel Pelikán****, Szombathely, Hungary

Address: 9700 Szombathely,
Deák Ferenc str. 5.
Fax: +3694/513-801


Holdfényliget Adventure Park

Holdfényliget Adventure Park

You may find the exciting and magic Holdfény Liget on the west part of Hungary on halfway between Szombathely and Kőszeg in Gyönygösfalu. The dreamers of this place, four nature lover young people who kept their eye on the location of the place and payed attention to details when they created this unique and beautiful place in 2006’s spring.Here little children and also grandmas can find the leisure activity and program which suits them.

The park is encompassed by trees and offers place onto the silence and recreation and gives place for camping and culture and for special sport activites.

Meeting point of different traditions and provides place for all kind of art by the position of the place. It gives oppurtinity for lovers of sports to try different and exciting equipments. You may spend active hours, days or a week far from city’s noise and at the end you can return into your everyday’s life being filled up with the energies of the Sun and the Moon.

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