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Savaria Historical Carnival

Savaria Historical Carnival

Szombathely is one of the oldest settlements in Hungary with the rights of a town and was founded by Emperor Claudius in about 50 A.D. Upon its foundation, the town of Savaria was named COLONIA CLAUDIA SAVARIENSIUM and was granted the title of a ‘colonia’, which was the highest rank for a town in the Roman Empire.

Savaria is the only settlement in the Carpathian Basin which has been continually inhabited ever since its Roman foundation. Given its rich, two-millennium-old history Szombathely organises its grand historical event, the Savaria Historical Carnival. The prestigious event evokes by-gone but colourful eras of centuries long ago as well as their traditions cherished as genuine treasures. The historical time travel is a memorable experience for young and old alike. The citizens of Szombathely shall be delighted to have you as a guest eager to have a look around and join in the plays.

As part of the renowned torch-lit procession about a thousand people clad in authentic gowns shall proceed through the streets of the inner city. Roman soldiers, legionaries and other troops go first followed by the citizens of the ancient Savaria, clad in splendid togas, with magnificent medieval and Baroque gowns to close the procession. On-lookers shall get to see anything you can possibly ask for including joculators, people walking on tilts, musicians, acrobats,
fire jugglers and drummers to accompany the vivid whirl of the carnival procession.

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