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Ják Church

Ják Church

An outstanding monument in the village known all over Europe is St. George's Church. Built in Romanesque style in the 13th century, the church was raised on a hillock in the center of the settlement. The most adorned part of the church is the ornamented main gate built seven layers deep into the facade, situated under the pediment between the twin towers. Above the gate, the statues of Christ and the 12 Apostles decorate the niches.

Masterpieces of painting used to embellish the exquisite interior, however only a few wall paintings and fresco fragments were preserved in the shrine and at the bottom of the south tower, and were restored by Mauro Pelliccio, the worldfamous Italian master, in 1938.
The monastery attached to the southern side of the church and the hillock used to be surrounded by a wall as well, remains of which can be seen today.

St. James's Chapel was built in the Romanesque era around 1260 and gained its present appearance after renovations took place in the 18th century. Besides the Romanesque twin-windows of the double chapel with a four-foiled floor plan, three Baroque altars are worth studying.

In 2002 after renovations done by the National Office of Monuments, a new display room was opened inside the one-time Abbot's Residence behind the church, where the locally excavated artifacts can be viewed.

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